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Музичний квартирник «Він у всьому» в твоєму місті!


В програмі:- виконавці альбому «Він у всьому»- жива музика- цікаві дискусії

- приємний час у спілкуванні- поклоніння

Приходь та запрошуй друзів!

Детальна інформація та реєстрація


17 листопада | 18.00 | Львів


вул., Галицька, 10

Ціна квитка: 85 грн.

Кількість місць обмежена!


Competition for creating your own best single

Whoever drinks, he twice prays. Music starts right where the words end. The christian youth of Ukraine is extremely talented. I believe in it. Therefore, I invite you to take part in the extraordinary project of our honey! Let's leave a good track in the icicle - in Christian music. I look forward to the album "He is in everything".

Leader of the Youth Department of the WCC ECB – Roman Kravchuk

This music album should point to the One who is the creator of this and eternal. I believe that this album will become a blessing for Ukrainian consolation and a great opportunity for the development of young Ukrainian musicians.

The editor of the project, the leader of the media movement "Upgrade" – Sasha Leshko

Worship is when you direct your inner focus to God with all your being. "

Viacheslav Rybikov, musician, composer, finalist of the Voice of the 4 project, bronze prizewinner of the 2014 New Wave Contest, musical director of the album "He is Alone"


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